• "We Shape Our Buildings,
    Thereafter They Shape Us"
    - Winston Churchill -


Midtown Residential & Commercial
The eagerly awaited and unique Midtown real estate development delivers the optimum standard in city living, working and playing. Midtown has been skillfully designed to provide a contemporary, sustainable hub of residential, corporate, commercial buildings and amenities across 4.3 acres in the very heart of Gibraltar.

Kings Wharf

Kings Wharf Residential
Discreet design elements, materials and colours have been carefully selected to create a clean, simple and tranquil ambiance. Modernist luxury is in the small detail, with every room in every space including authentic materials that are pleasingly tactile and of superior quality.

About Us

Recognised as Gibraltar’s leading real estate development company, The Montagu Group has stood the test of time by innovatively rising to the ever evolving needs of the jurisdiction and has helped to improve the standard of living enjoyed by all who live on this famous Rock...

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